Crimson, Cherry, Scarlet, Chilli, Burgundy, Ruby or Desire.

The first time I wore lipstick, I was about six years old, which means it must’ve been the good old 2000’s- 2001 to be precise.
Yes, I know it’s a tad bit young to be getting on the make-up train but what can I say – I had a thing for that vintage (now vintage) Chanel coral lipstick my mom had with her all the time. It somehow smelled like her as well and as a six-year-old all I wanted was to be a grown up who could watch all the TV in the world without time restrictions (wanna guess how I spent my weekends now?). Anyway, I wore it to a birthday party and upon returning home, my mother looked at me, paused for ten seconds, went to her vanity and handed me the lipstick.

She actually just gave it to me.

Back then, I did intent on keeping it with me forever but through all the moving around the country, boarding school and what not- I unfortunately don’t have it with me today.

What I do have is a drawer full of lipsticks. And luckily enough for lipsticks in 2019- they come in all forms and states: solid lipstick, lightly molten lipsticks, liquid ones and glossy shiny ones. I do have a drawer full of them, which I clean out semi-annually. Okay, maybe I don’t clean it out but I occasionally empty them on my floor and see if they are all still okay to be used.

I properly began to discover the world of lipsticks in university- I spent my tutoring job money on them. I was almost a real lipstick connoisseur, I was known across campus as the ‘girl with the funky lip colour’. And boy were they funky- I had a collection of purple-greys, blue-greens, straight up grey (I still own this!). But alas! most of my funk collection has been reduced due to hygiene reasons. Why do good things go bad?

My collection of lip armour now contains various shades and combinations of beige and then flips over to deeper, darker shades.  And in the middle of that spectrum, lies my favourite colour- the RED.

Cut to now- I am a serious professional. I have a full-time job, I have client meetings, I go to the gym during lunch hour, all in all I check all the boxes of being a serious professional. And serious professionals do not have funky coloured lips.

And this is where I begin to tell you my experience with the RED.

Red is by far the most common colour that is both audacious and fearsome. You would’ve heard people say “oh red is too much” or “i’m not meant to be pulling off red”. And I bet even the people who say these admire a woman wearing Parisian red lips done well with a trench coat and a pair of blue jeans and white tee. Honestly, that is my dream outfit, which I could wear everyday if I could.

However over the years, I have experimented and tried out the red lips, disheveled hair- jeans and tee look. Although let’s be honest, the crazy hair comes naturally to me, so the real effort were the red lips. And I have got to admit, once done right, I felt like I could own an art gallery and sip espresso on a porch all day kind of woman. This was say two years back- before full time work, responsibilities and trying to make it-struggle.

Since then it’s been my go-to for a happy mood and also a go-to for a serious mood (you know where i have to be in front of serious people doing serious work business). Have I ever gotten it all over my teeth and continued to talk with people- maybe! Was it mortifying when I found out – thats a definite yes! Will I still keep wearing it- absolutely YES!

What I am trying to get at is if you’re afraid of it- give it a try, there is a red for every girl (or a boy), for every occasion and for every mood. And it’s only a colour, believe me there are plenty of things to be terrified of and a gorgeous red lip is not one of them.

Comment below to share your story with that red lipstick. I would love to hear your own journey with it.