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Relationship with your heels

The delicious morning brunch smell!!

If you’re anything like me and the remaining seven billion people on earth, I am certain you love weekends. Because let’s be honest – Who doesn’t?

Let me tell you what I love about weekends- I love that I get to sit down and eat my breakfast on an actual plate (and not Ziploc bags or in office coffee mugs), I get to pop down and actually buy fresh produce for my avo-toast-hipster life.

But most of all I absolutely love that I get to rock my Birks EVERYWHERE.
No, really, everywhere- from coffee shops to wet markets to happy hour+ dinners.

Some of you, like my mother, might abhor Birks and consider them to be the worst of foot-fashion world. To you, I say – don’t hate till you step in it. They are comfortable but not overtly soft so you feel like your feet are in a quicksand made of pillows (however, now that I write this, it does sound comfier), and most importantly- THEY HAVE ARCH SUPPORTS. For me that’s very essential to my ‘old-man-like feet’. All in all I think they’re the most comfortable part of my weekends.

At this point, I’d like to tell you that this blog, as the title suggest is not about my comfy Birks rather it’s about my personal collection of stiletto heels. And why if I was ever ‘Marie-Kondo-ing’ my home, I’d never throw them away. NEVER!

Let’s explore why we wear heels (some might even call them medieval torture tools) and what it makes us feel.

The first pair of stilettoes I ever bought was for a job interview way back when I was in university and did not have to pay rent. I still own them. I still wear them. Everything about that pair feels the same- except that I can now actually walk in them without tripping and falling flat on my face and bruising my already tiny nose.  

But I digress.

What I was trying to get at was that a few years back when I bought them, they bruised my feet, I duck-waddled (it’s what you would refer to if you saw me walk with heels back then) in public and might I reiterate I have fallen many a times.

Having said that, there is a very interesting reason I kept them, and actually got more of them over the years.

The few precious moments when I could actually move around, walk in them- they made me feel immeasurably powerful. The tick-tock, the sway you generally get by walking on your toes with limited support, the slower pace (when compared to the bustling city of Hong Kong) all of these made me feel like they gave me a sense of superior, sense of accomplishment and of course it didn’t hurt that I could tower over people and/or meet some people at their eye level.

For those feel-good-feelings I’d happily tolerate few bruised feet any day. Now you might think I am starting to sound a bit shallow but bear with me a bit. Allow me to provide you with more context.

I am twenty-three years, seven months and ten days old and it’s safe to say that I have accomplished absolutely nothing, at least nothing in the real sense of the world. Every day I wake up go to work to try and learn something new and learn to consistently do good. I work in an industry/job field which I never studied for (I went to uni and have a degree in something completely unrelated to my job) and I live by myself in a city four thousand kilometers away from familial support and familiarity.

Don’t get me wrong, those are choices I made and am happy with. However that doesn’t negate the constant haze of unknown, a tad bit of insecurity  and sometimes a feeling of being lost that lingers. On a daily basis it’s just something that myself and many others in their twenties learn to live with and often times this is something that drives us to do better. So it’s something that you’re supposed to feel, just like you’re supposed to feel angst in your teens.

So while I love me my Birks, wearing and straddling around in those pointy-things makes me feel not so lost (even when I AM lost), they provide me with a sense of control and power and often times you’ll see me in one of them for a big meeting or a new introduction or at an event.

Those are just few of my thoughts on why I willingly torture my walking limbs.

Leave your experience and comments down below, I bet your relationship with your coveted heels are just as interesting.

Can’t wait to read more!!

1 thought on “Relationship with your heels”

  1. Such a vivid description!! I almost saw you walking with pointed heels and heading into an important decision making meeting at work. Amongst the supporting points behind torturing your legs (😀), ‘ looking at someone’s eye while talking’ is the most important one according to me. So… continue what you are doing and what you are up to and always learn from past to become ‘smarter you’re in present. Keep writing my dearest.

    Liked by 1 person

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