What is it about that damn New Year’s eve?

Hey guys,
End of January is HERE!!!
How are we feeling about ourselves?
Comment on my blog and share your experiences


Anxious and most likely caffeinated

Hi there- it’s been a month into 2019 and I am not here to shame you into falling into the ‘New Year, New Me’ regime- with the gym memberships, the green smoothies, the reusable cups, the donation bags of old (but so damn soft!) clothes and possibly a cool new haircut.

I am here to check in and ask you – how have you done?

I hope you are feeling accomplished in all the ways you tried and succeeded and if not- you tried. Personally, I took upon myself to do a ‘control experiment’ challenge on myself. Excuse the science-nerd-ness, after all I did dedicate 10 years of my life to science, it tends to stay behind.

It all started sometime around October 2018 and honestly built up till the moment I was sitting in my room on New Year’s Eve with Netflix wine and friends all around and talking…

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