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What is it about that damn New Year’s eve?

Hi there- it’s been a month into 2019 and I am not here to shame you into falling into the ‘New Year, New Me’ regime- with the gym memberships, the green smoothies, the reusable cups, the donation bags of old (but so damn soft!) clothes and possibly a cool new haircut.

I am here to check in and ask you – how have you done?

I hope you are feeling accomplished in all the ways you tried and succeeded and if not- you tried. Personally, I took upon myself to do a ‘control experiment’ challenge on myself. Excuse the science-nerd-ness, after all I did dedicate 10 years of my life to science, it tends to stay behind.

It all started sometime around October 2018 and honestly built up till the moment I was sitting in my room on New Year’s Eve with Netflix wine and friends all around and talking about 2019. What is it about that damn NYE that makes you feel all kinds of warrior-hero-who-can-do-anything-they-set-their-mind-to? I am not a warrior hero, I repress my emotions and stress and release them with moderate levels of athletic performance twice a week at my gym and then come home and once a week cry my eyeballs out to episodes of This Is Us (god is it difficult to be emotionally balanced when the show takes off the screens!). All in all not a warrior, not a wonder woman, just a twenty-three year old living in an exorbitant city who likes quesadillas more than she likes humans.

Now having read this till here, you must have realized how much I LOVE FOOD. And yet I wanted to willingly do this experiment on myself.

So getting back to my control experiment- I decided to scientifically implement everyone’s (mostly my mother’s) “suggestions” and “advice” on my health and fitness to the test. I decided to limit 50g of carbohydrates per week (excluding those naturally in vegetables and grains) and cut out alcohol and workout at least 3 times a week (which would include weight and HIIT training).

I ordered active wear over the holidays and decided on being very strict with myself and honestly assess my relationship with alcohol. Now the thing is, this is hard to explain because most of the time people don’t understand why this is an experiment and not a challenge.

The reason is, this is not something I am doing to just complete it. I am doing this with two possible outcomes in my mind. One, I would come out of it ripped and skinny. Second, I would feel fitter and look almost the same. Honestly, we all know scenario one was never going to happen. But did you know that scenario two would have different multitudes to it? Nah, me either.

So all in all it’s been 28 days and I have done alright. Do I feel stronger (both emotionally and physically?) yes, do I look like a different human- absolutely no! Am I going to incorporate this into my life? Yes- parts of it at least.

So now after 28 days of handling myself better, I wanted to know why I endeavored to do this in the first place. I think it has to do with accomplishment, the sense of achievement and honestly feeling of being in control. Even if the control is just for a month.  

All in all- whatever you did do, or didn’t I hope you have had a good first month of 2019.

How did you guys do? I’d love to know your guys’ thoughts on this- comment below and let’s have a chat 🙂

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